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April 3rd, 2012, 08:27 AM
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I would have loved a water birth. I spent a ton of time in the shower w/ my 1st long labour & it was awesome. Really helped me relax & took a lot of the pain away.

My parents think i'm nuts too for 1/2 of my ideas....they said to my sister "yeah we tell Sarah things", she smiles & nods, then she just goes off & does whatever she likes" lol So more experience w/ this part....I think you have a couple choices 1. give them the goods, tell them what you're going to do & supply the info behind it. Like when they say eww isn't that going to be messy, or what about the baby breathing....educate them w/ facts & ignore their judgements. But if you think they're going to be really judgy you could just tell them what they want to hear or minimize the details. & after....who cares what they think, well who cares what they think before 2. Likely (hopefully) they will just be happy their little granddaughter is here & proud of you for bringing her into the world!

This is about you and your family (baby, SO, other kids). You deserve to try & have a birth that you feel good about. Take a deep breath & don't worry so much about their judgement.
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