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April 3rd, 2012, 02:15 PM
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A water birth or laboring in the water was not an option with #1. I wish it was. This baby I am planning on laboring in the water as long as possible. I would love to have a water birth, but we shall see. Where ever I am most comfortable is where the birth will be.

I have a lot of back labor and back pain in general. Laboring on my back was a nightmare with my first child. I'm sure my family will have a few opinions on our birth. If they don't like it tough crap! My mom is my biggest concern since she will be there and is very into modern meds. I don't want her to interfere with the birthing process with her medical opinion (she worked in the OB field in a past life). My main goal is making sure that I have the birth experience I want. And the type of relief I need. I know what worked well last time and what didn't. Laboring on my back in a bed with pitocin and an epidural is not the answer.
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