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April 3rd, 2012, 08:23 PM
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Hey ladies! I had a very bad abscessed tooth cut out a little over two weeks ago. The dentist said it was one of the worst he has had to do. It had to be cut into 8 pieces to get out and he had to remove part of my jawbone with it, and there is also essentially a fracture in my jaw the roots were so long and deeply inbeded in my jaw for him to cut and drill and pull out. I saw the x-rays that were taken during the procedure and know this is true and not a cover up for a mistake (thanks to my medical training I can read most x-rays).

I went by the dentists instructions and did not use a straw for 2 days, but Wed after the procedure Jonah and I decided a Chick-fil-a cookies and cream milk shake sounded really good and got one and this caused a dry socket. I know dumb move. I now have a good bit of exposed bone in my mouth and am in a good bit of pain (the dentist has been good with the meds and follow-up thankfully) and am still very limited on what I can eat due to pain and a large hole in my bottom rear jaw.

I have been living on mashed potatoes for over two weeks and it is getting really old. I have tried scrambled eggs, but they "run around" in my mouth too much and getting them out of the socket is pure torture. I don't really eat soup and am out of ideas on soft foods to eat. Any ideas on things to eat that are not spicy-home made hamburger helper was torture with the taco seasoning. Things that move in your mouth or require a lot of chewing are out.

PS--Jonah says I really have to get over my fear of the dentist so this does not happen again. I had not been to the dentist since well before Dani was born!

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