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April 3rd, 2012, 09:16 PM
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You poor thing!

If I were you I'd have advanced to baby sized bites and swallowing them whole.

I've never had major oral surgery. My brother had a really rough go with his wisdom teeth, but he ate what ever he wanted. he'd just do small bites and mash it up with his front teeth and then swallow. I know when I had my tongue infection I was eating mcd's chicken nuggets by eating them in smaller than toddler size bites.

There is a knack to using a straw after oral surgery though. You have to learn to use it with your mouth open. I don't like cold on my teeth, so I naturally do this... you create suction with your soft palate, tongue and throat.. but your mouth is open so there's no vacuum to cause trouble with the sockets! Drinking with nothing BUT a straw, or something thick and hard to get through it is still a bad idea though.

(I had to learn this after having teeth removed when I was 8. I had 2 abscess's and 4 teeth impeding normal development in my mouth. 8 weeks of practice before surgery.)
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