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April 4th, 2012, 03:59 AM
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20 weeks and 6 days! I have no idea where the time has gone! Just crazy! I do know that I am still getting sick and I really am not liking it! It's crazy that so many women have this pass after the first trimester, but I have it lingering around at half way through! I feel terrible complaining, because I'm so happy and blessed to be pregnant, but I really do not like it this far. It seems the days will get better, then bam, like a ton of bricks to the face I start getting sick again. I guess it could be worse, but UGH it really hasn't been a walk in the park lol. Yesterday was pretty rough. I felt fine, no nausea, I just couldn't keep anything down. Not even liquids. I probably was in the restroom 8 or 9 times by noon So once I got home from work I just slept most the day. I figured I was so hungry, but couldn't really eat that I mine as well sleep it away. I'm praying today is a better day! I took some Zofran and although it has given me major constipation in the past, I think I want a decent morning at work where I don't have to leave my co worker every 30 minutes or so!

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