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April 4th, 2012, 09:09 AM
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Hello ladies!

It's great to be a part of such forums where we can share everything and get a happy feeling that so many are there to answer to us, and console.

Here comes my story, Iam subha, living in UK. I got married 1year before. We are trying for baby from 2012 Jan. It was diagnosed that i have PCOS, as i have PCOS, I obviously have ovulating problems, i do not ovulate at all. After the disappointment, and knowing that it's PCOS, Irregular periods I consulted Doctor and she is one of the Best Doctors.
She suggested me to take a 2months course (of medication) and prescribed folic acid (this is for baby's growth) in the morning, and ovaa-shield DS and metformin at nights (This is for ovulating)

I ovulated this month and we had intercourse every alternative days during ovulation.

I got my last periods on Mar 8th 2012. Now its been 28days, day before yesterday i did a pregnancy test (I know it's too early but i cannot control this feeling of ''what if'') and it was negative.

I decided to check again this weekend and see what's going to happen.

I am eagerly waiting to tell my husband and mom that iam a proud mom now.. ;-)

PS: I have bloating and it's quite big, and gas. Shoulder pains (sometimes) and having difficulty to walk fast..Also frequent urination

Let me hear some comments from you guys and i will update my pos soon!

Good luck every1


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