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It's just one, but it has a STRONG HEARTBEAT!!!

Just got back from my appointment! We did an ultrasound, a routine visit, a pap smear, and blood work!

At the u/s we saw one healthy baby! The heart rate was 144 and s/he was measuring 3 days ahead! It also looks like I have a tilted uterus this time, so I'll probably show a lot sooner! She also said it looks like I will have a posterior placenta, so maybe I will actually feel baby before 20 weeks this time!!

She said she'll probably send me to the specialist around 12-15 weeks for a detailed/targeted u/s to make sure there are no problems this time around.

It was a great appointment and I just love my OB. We talked about Finley's birth and she was 100% behind me wanting a c/s. She also told me that with what they saw on the u/s and how far along I am I have < 3 % chance of miscarriage which makes me feel a little bit better. I know I will be anxious until after the anatomy scan and still nervous til I am holding this LO in my arms, but at this moment I am SO thankful and feeling very blessed!!
Thank you everyone for the T&Ps!

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forever loving our best girl, finley [born still 10.30.11]
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