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April 4th, 2012, 11:59 AM
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Wanna laugh? Before I had Liam...I had clothes all the way up to size FIVE! Lol. We still have the fours and fives in a box in his closet. I bought every size ahead, not a ton, but some of all the sizes. It was actually harder to figure out what sizes to buy in infants, since I did not know what size for what season. But I figured once they got to size two, they would pretty much wear one size for a year and could get use out of any I bought. Which has proven to be true for Liam. He just went into his threes.

For kieran, we have tons and tons of hand-me-downs. He skipped a whole years worth of clothes (he will wear what Liam wore his second summer this summer), but we had plenty of clothes anyway.

I still pickup clearance clothes for Liam when I see them. But now I figure kieran will pretty much get all of Liam's clothes, a few new ones for holidays and such. My mom gets a ton of clothes from her work, so we are lucky there. She bought Liam a whole fall wardrobe when it went on clearance recently.
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