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April 4th, 2012, 12:23 PM
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I haven't decided. I've felt a little stressed over it honestly, mostly because a lot of things depend on what time of day i go into labor. If its at night i'd most definitely want someone to come over to my house. My mom is my first thought but she's expressed that she doesn't feel comfortable watching him at our house because she's a homebody and likes being home. I find it annoying but it just means she doesn't watch him often. Now that she has two little foster girls to watch it seem even less likely. If i want to bring him over to their house i'm not completely sure he'd get the attention or they'd watch him as well as i'd like. I trust one of my sisters 100% but she doesn't have a car and is a full time college student so she may be able to help but a lot depends on that as well. My MIL would be willing to come to our house to watch him if necessary so i might have to go with that option even though she's not my first choice as she's not used to watching little ones and honestly we rarely see her nowadays. I'm overly protective of him so i know this is the biggest reason i'm having a hard time with this. I'm always the one who takes care of him except in rare cases when we decide to go on a date. And then how will we bring him to meet the baby after? The birthing center is 45 min away so it seems like a lot to have DH drive all the way back to pick him up and bring him over. And then i assume anyone watching him will want to come as well. Guess i have a lot to think about still. *sigh*

It sounds like in your case finding a sitter is your best option. I'm sure if you interview people, get to see how they interact with your kids, and get them used to this particular sitter then you'll be that much more comfortable when the time comes.

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