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April 4th, 2012, 01:58 PM
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With DD #2, I felt like we had almost no options. We were fairly new to the area and didn't know anyone that well. I ended up being induced so we were able to plan having my mother come to town.

This time, I have a few possibilities. My brother and his wife live five minutes away. Truly, they aren't my first choice, but I know they would do it. I have two neighbors across the street who could take the girls for a few hours if needed (I'm assuming my mom would drive over, but she's three hours away, so if things went quickly...) and I have a girlfriend who has daughters the same age as mine who could take them. If, for some reason, my mom wasn't able to come spend the nights, I would send DH home to sleep (assuming we're not talking about a baby born overnight) so he would pick up the girls from wherever they were and bring them to visit the next day.
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