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April 4th, 2012, 04:46 PM
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Ooookay, I finally bought a doppler.

Last week we were on vacation in FL. We went out deep sea fishing quite a bit, and I didn't think anything about how bumpy it was until I came back in and googled it...and everything says NOT to go on bumpy boat rides b/c it can cause placental abruptions if you hit a wave hard too hard.

Well, that obviously didn't happen, but on the last day we did hit a big wave wrong and it knocked me hard...I was standing letting a line out when we hit and it literally threw me off my feet and slammed me into the side of the boat. I saw stars and lost my breath for a few seconds, and really think I may have had a concussion from it- I was nauseous all of a sudden, really tired, bad headache, foggy, more emotional... typical concussion symptoms. Anyway, still never had any bleeding, but being concerned, plunged and bought a doppler because I would have really loved to have one that night to put my mind at ease.

We've been back about five days now, and it just came. I can't find anything that makes it read above 87. I put it right over my heart and that's what it's picking me up at. Is it hard for you guys to find the heartbeat now? I would think at nearly 16 weeks (based on LMP-- closer to 15 based on u/s), I'd be able to pick it right up. I have my ~16 week appt tomorrow, so I'm not going to rush and freak out and call anyone, but I'm just wondering if I'm not doing something right. I bought the sonoline b, if that helps anyone give me tips.

Since that happened, and I didn't have any bleeding, cramping, etc. I had let it go and thought everything was okay. Of course, I order this darn thing to put my mind at ease, and now I feel like a nervous wreck.

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