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April 4th, 2012, 08:02 PM
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I haven't nursed a baby thus far so feel free to ignore me but I'm pretty pro-nursing when you need to. When that time comes for us, I doubt that I'll mind doing it in the same room as any of my stepchildren. Bm nursed them all and extended nursed the youngest three so they're all pretty accustomed to breasts and what they're used for and how babies eat. I doubt it would even faze them. I also am under the impression it's pretty easy to be subtle once you get comfortable so every time you nurse it wouldn't necessarily mean your entire breast would be exposed.

I agree that having you always go into the other room continues to make it a taboo thing. I don't see the problem in showing Reme that nursing is normal and healthy and not sexual. Any future wife would probably appreciate it. I'm sorry your dh isn't quite on the same page right now, but I definitely think you should stick to your guns on this one. It's okay for Reme to be interested and have questions too. We're wired to notice the opposite sex. It doesn't mean he's going to have any weird fantasies about you. Women have bodies that are different from his. Of course it's interesting! I think exposure to something natural and non-sexual is a good thing, and it's certainly a better introduction for him than what he might learn from friends or the internet, KWIM? I also don't think, if he were to stare too much or won't give you your space, that it's unreasonable to tell him you would like him to stop staring or that you would be happy to answer his questions later but you really need your space to feed the baby right now.

Boobs feed babies. Obviously, we all know that they can be good for other things to, but you can expose a child to breastfeeding without delving into those things. Nursing isn't sexual and I certainly don't think it would damage him in any way to see it being done. It also isn't really fair to ask you to lock yourself in a room in your own house to feed the baby.

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