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August 20th, 2006, 08:17 PM
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Well, I decided to test last night and the results nearly shocked me. Within 2 minutes there was a VERY and I mean VERY faint line. I used the Answer brand of hpt. Anyway, I showed DH and he said he didn't see it. I was getting so aggervated - like how could you not. Then I asked my daughter and she pointed it right out so I know that it wasn't just me. Then a few minutes (under 10 min) later I asked him again and he said well I can see something but it's too light. ERRR. I tried explaining that it CAN be a light line. I am just trying not to ge my hopes up just in case it is like some crazy evap line. Although, I didn't think they would be visable that soon after testing. Who knows? So, I have decided I am going to test again in the morning and see if a can see another line. Faint or not!

I hope we all get our BFP soon!

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