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April 6th, 2012, 01:37 AM
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you feel guilty because your being emotionally abused. And your not weak or stupid or crazy and its not your fault. Your afraid because you should be because people like that will only get worse and their apologize are only because they know they have gone to far and are losing there grip on you. If anything you should be proud you are getting out so soon.

I dated a "man" if you want to call him that for 2 years who was so simaler is scary. I was only in high school he was in his 20s yet still living at home. It got to the point where he would be waiting on me outside the school and i was afraid to talk to people he once caught me at a McDonald with a female classmate and started yelling so much that i was crying and begging for forgiveness and when i look back on it i always wonder how it got so far. it didnt even make sense why would i ask for forgiveness for getting a cheeseburger with a friend.

but the awnser is simple its becuse it is what they do they manipulate and craft and worm their way into control and it is scary so please please get out. And dont go back it is the biggest mistake to let their words sit in your head and make you think youv done something wrong by getting away. you havent and you need to soon i didn't run until i was choke slammed into a wall in front of his own little sister. people like that will only get more controlling and more violent.
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