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April 7th, 2012, 08:59 AM
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I have them already and I still can't feel the baby move. They are my constant companion the last half of pregnancy and I do dilate somewhat and thin out early. Makes my labors go quick though! They are a huge pain, and with my first baby they freaked me out big time and the doctor put me on bed rest at 34 weeks when he first checked my cervix and I was paper thin and 4cm. Didn't have him until 3 weeks later, and even then it was because he induced me because he didn't want me to go home at 5cm. I was a bad experience.

Anyhow, my contractions started earlier with subsequent babies, either because I was more aware of what they feel like or because they genuinely do. I mean, your uterus contracts from the very beginning, but you're not able to pick up those feelings until it grows some.
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