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August 21st, 2006, 03:17 AM
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Brown blood is fine.[/b]
Unfortunately that is not true !!!!!!

I was 7w4d in March 2006 when I started spotting (brown blood and only when I wiped)....I went to the doc and the baby and hb were fine....although he said it hasn't grown much within the past week....

At 8w2d the spotting stopped and at 8w4d the doc told me that the baby has dies about 2-4 days ago......

I never spotted red blood and everyone assured me it is fine, because brown blood is old blood......

Well it wasn't true for me ....

Anyway......I would tell you.....take Magnesium in higher dose (if you get the runs it's too much) as much as possible and go see your doc.

That it has ended badly for me, doesn't mean that it will for you !!!!!!!!!

It can also be that a blood vessel has burst, or that it has a different harmless reason....

I wish you best of luck !!!!!!!



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