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April 7th, 2012, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by daneeleigh View Post
You're going to get this even after you give birth. I heard all of those before I delivered Mason and people saying I couldn't do it. Then I did it and now people think I'm crazy wanting to do it again. My boyfriend keeps saying," congratulations, you did it! Now can we have the epidural like normal people next time?". He doesn't understand even though he was amazing during the birth. People mistake the pain during labor as horrific. Yes it's painful but it's also normal. At no point did I feel in danger or not in control of what was going on. Some people just don't get it and never will even if you have ten natural labors.
I love hearing this! I've made my DH read some things here and in other places that talk about how much worse natural labor looks on the outside than it really is for the mother experiencing it. I know that he hates to see me in pain, but I want him to be prepared to support me and to understand the difference between that pain and "unnatural" pain.

Lacey you hang in're not in the best spot on earth for natural childbirth (I grew up in Utah) but I bet you could find a good midwife or doula if you hunted. It's hard sometimes - my mom is an RN and she's completely freaked out about my not wanting to give birth in a hospital! - but just hang on to the fact that you're trying to do the absolute best thing for your baby and your self!


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