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April 8th, 2012, 05:12 PM
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I know as we move along we need to adapt out workouts to the changing needs of our bodies. But I am getting frustrated. There are hill hikes I do daily (I’m an adventure dog walker) and I have found myself totally slowing down and getting really winded! Today the ‘short’ loop that usually takes me 45 min took me about an hour! I worked out with my other pregnancies but don’t remember getting this winded and out of breath so soon. Maybe it is because I am older now?? I have been ok during my Zumba classes still (slowing a tiny bit to keep my heat rate relatively low). I am also still ok with the flatter cross country runs but the mountain walking is killing me! (and no elevation is not an issue this is only the Dublin/ Wicklow Mts we are talking about).

How are you all getting on? Have you had to slow up a bit yet?? It just feels too early to feel like I am working so hard!
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