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April 8th, 2012, 08:52 PM
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Sounds just like our story. From about 14 wks we had complications (partial placenta detachment, gestational diabetes - insulin dependant, gestational hypertension, IUGR). I was on complete bed rest by my 5th month and very closely monitored with weekly ultrasound and growth checks. Baby stopped growing at about 28 wks (or very little) and we were hospitalized for constant monitoring. They gave me steroid injection right away cause they didn't know when they were gonna induce me. in the end we made it until 32 wks when we had a c-section because Tristan was starting to have deceleration on his NST tests and failing BPP ultrasounds. He was born at 3 lbs, so small but not soooo small and luckily enough we spent only 1 month in the NICU where he was just a feeder and grower with no major medical issues. He is know 3 months old (1 month corrected)!!! He is small but strong. Honnestly these babies have to fight inside that they are born fighters!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your LO.
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