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April 9th, 2012, 07:06 AM
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I don't get winded too easily yet, thank goodness. Mine usually kicks in later in the third tri when my lungs are compressed by the baby, BUT, I'm not an "average" runner either, I guess. Thanks to super long runs and marathon training before pregnancy, my lungs hold up pretty well until the end and the compression kicks in. My normal 7-8 mile daily runs and my pregnancy cut-back 10 mile weekly long runs aren't giving me a problem yet, but I do know that I'll have to cut back on the distance at some point because it will get more difficult. But, for some of my other runner friends, who are still in great shape going into pregnancy, they do complain of getting winded easily. They said that they just did what their body would allow them and kept at it.

I do find that when I'm running my really steep, long hills that I have to slow down a bit compared to pre-pregnancy and focus on deep belly breathing to keep my heart rate from jumping up too quickly.

My main issue is exhaustion and fatigue. I'm just so tired and exhausted physically constantly in this pregnancy, that my runs rarely feel "good" anymore, but I keep on doing them because I know how important they are. I'm also like you, though, everything else pretty much feels like "normal". My yoga, pilates, and strength training aren't giving me any issues.

Just hang in there. Anything you can do for your health and baby's health while pregnant, even if it's not coming as easily as you'd like is still very beneficial.
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