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April 9th, 2012, 09:14 AM
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I have a similar story as above except this is all new to me and my son is 16 months old.

My son tried a half peanut butter jelly sandwich at 13 months for dinner. I just assumed he would be fine since there are no food allergies on either side of the family and its a huge family (he is the 24th grandchild lol!). Since it was close to his bath and bedtime when he started fussing towards the end of the sandwich we put him in the tub for bath. Next thing I knew my husband was calling me saying he was swollen under his eyes and had some bumps in various places, he was also crying in the tub which never happens. We took him out dried him off and it was gone within 15 mins. His pediatrician had him get blood work and it came back negative (as low as it could be she said) and suggested trying again in a month or two. We tried again a week ago Saturday. He only ate two bites of the PB sandwich and promptly threw it on the floor and spit the bite out. We watched and he was fine for 15 mins. We went out and he got a bad blotchy rash all around his mouth/chin. It went away within the hour. Ironically about 4 hours later his eye got red and swollen I called the pedi (sat afternoon now) and said he may have pink eye since a few kids in daycare had it that week...I also asked if it could be a peanut issue and she said no it was long enough. By the time I got the eye medicine at the pharmacy his eye was perfectly fine! Went to the allergist on Wednesday and they did the prick testing and confirmed he does have a peanut allergy. We also got bloodwork to use as a baseline, will go back in a year and a half for more blodo to see if it changes. He wanted to also check the counts in the blood as the Childrens Hospital labs he said are much more sensitive than a lab his doctors office may use. We now have 2 epi pens at his daycare and I need to carry 2 as well. Sorry this got so long!

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