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April 9th, 2012, 09:53 AM
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I really wouldn't be concerned at this point. At 18 weeks the baby is still pretty small, and so the 10-15lb weight gain isn't there with the baby. Nor should you worry about not feeling the baby move yet. Even as a third time mom, some babies just move more than others or the placenta is in a different position, making it hard to feel movements until they get stronger. I'm voting that you're going to get a nice, calm baby out of the deal! More than likely it will be just a week or two before you feel the magic!

More empty calories don't do much except fatten you up, so if you do try and eat more just make sure the are from things that are nutrient dense.

If you're concerned try tracking on something like for a day or two and see what is really going on with your nutrition. They allow you to enter your due date and will make adjustments for the stage of pregnancy you are in and everything.
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