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April 9th, 2012, 12:37 PM
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I think you're fine! I lost weight the first 12 weeks, and held steady at that weight at 16wks. If anything, I'm probably still holding or maybe have gained 1lb at 18wks, which still puts me below my pre-pregnancy weight by about 4lbs or so. My MW said absolutely nothing about my lack of gaining at 16wks, and for me, it's normal for me to not gain much at all until after 20 wks. I'm usually up about 5 lbs at 26-28wks, 10 more about 34wks and a few more, usually 3-ish at 36-38, then I'll either hold or drop weight at the end. I've followed this pattern of an 18lb weight gain each time throughout my three previous pregnancies and me and my babies have been fine and healthy (not to mention they've been on the bigger side, size-wise, at birth, too) and I'm a normal, healthy-side of lower weight pre-pregnancy.

Weight gain varies so much, that as long as your baby's growing fine, then there shouldn't be a concern. If you gain 10-15 lbs by 18 weeks like you're reading, then that put a normal weight woman pre-pregnancy WELL over the 20-25 lb "standard" pregnancy weight gain recommendation, because most of your gain will happen after 20 weeks, and especially in the third tri. I think that is a little on the excessive side for the average pregnancy, IMHO.

I think you're just fine!!!
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