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April 10th, 2012, 12:43 AM
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Easter sucked big time. My cousins had a baptism party on Easter and asked for us to come down. I asked if I need to bring milk free food for Jamie and they told me they had the food covered. I get there and the made Lasagna. I looked and the only milk free think they had was salad. I told them I would be back with Jamie's food and ehre is there exact words, " Why don't we just pull out the noodles for her?" I told them the milk has melted into everything so she can't have it. So I run to my house and get her hot dogs and her chips. When It came time for dessert they came and asked me if they could give her a little bit of ice cream because they didn't want her to be left out. I told them no. So they are a little ticked. Well I smooth it over with them and got them to see a few moments of her smiling was not worth the several hours of pain she would have later. So I start putting her food away and I hear Jamie screaming, so I go into one of the bedrooms and Jamie apparently burned her hand on the lightbulb of a lamp that had been left on the whole time we are there. So today she has a huge blister on her middle finger and I have decided we are not going back to their house for a long time.
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