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April 10th, 2012, 03:31 PM
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I think I need to step down. I'm just not having the time available to devote to you ladies like I should! Please forgive my absence lately; I am sure I probably should have stepped down a little sooner.

I hope one or some of you may be inclined to apply for co-host instead though! I know several ladies recently applied, and I hope that you will reiterate your applications. I plan to continue to pop in here or there as I have the chance, still participating and being a part of the room. I just don't feel like, in this season, I can make the commitment to be here several times weekly. I'm sure you can understand, chasing twin toddlers is just busy business! LOL

Love you ladies and I'm not going anywhere. Thank you for having me this long!

I'm stepping down in my other room as well, and will PM admins afterward. Thanks for understanding!

Much thanks to Alethia for my beautiful siggie and tags!!
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