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April 10th, 2012, 03:52 PM
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Anyone have any tips for breastfeeding?
It's only hard at first. After about 12 weeks, your body regulates and the baby will be a better nurser. Just stick with it.
Tips for going from breast to pump? If you normally would breastfeed, then pump at that time. When building your supply, that can be every 2-3hrs. Don't skip one or the other for the first 12 weeks. Also, get a good pump. The medela pumps are great. I have used about all the models but ended up with the freestyle because it's small.
What was your breastfeeding experience? With my first, I had no idea what I was doing. She spent a week in the nicu and no one explained pumping to me. She then would only take a bottle and her doctor wanted me to just give formula. I'm stubborn though. I made it through with lots of online help. It's been easier with my other babies although I had one thatI had to stop at 3 months and others went over a year.
Tips for storing milk? Store in small amounts at first. I used storage bags but this last time, I had a bunch that would leak. The first year storage bags are what I ended up using. I had good luck with switching back and forth from breast to bottle with the breast flow bottles too.

It's tough at first, but now, it would be so much more work if I had to give formula than nursing is. Educate yourself. Usually the hospitals have a nursing class and lactation nurses to help. WIC also has a lactation consultant. Remember, it's also normal at first for you to feel like the baby is nursing every hour. Truth is, it's probably true. It will slow down once your supply is established. Just spend that time with your baby.

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