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April 10th, 2012, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by L-SBB View Post
I couldn't agree with Patty more...I faced some real challenges BF Savannah, not so much with BF itself (I was lucky and she was a natural) but a serious illness i had when she was 4 months old really damaged my milk supply and that's where most of my hurdles stemmed from.

That said, BF her was the single most rewarding thing I've done outside of baking & delivering her . I never thought I'd BF beyond maybe 3 months (that was my initial goal) and 6 months max....but in the end I pumped for an entire year & BF her until she was 24 months old (I quit only b/c I got pregnant, probably would have made it to 2 year mark if I wasn't forced to wean her).

Tips for breastfeeding? Definitely take a class...this "natural" act doesn't come naturally to most and I dragged DH to it with me & was really glad I did...he felt really invested in making sure I was successful and helped me a lot with the pumping-related things (packing my bag, cleaning supplies, etc). I also got a book that had pictures to show precisely what a good latch looks like, and trouble shoot common problems. My hospital had a great BF program & included a couple of visits with their lactation consultant immediately after I gave birth...if your hospital doesn't do this (or you're doing home birth, etc) I'd really recommend finding a LC even if it costs a little $ to have that help as soon as baby is born.

Tips for going from breast to pump? I'm in the minority that I started pumping & doing a feeding via bottle with Savannah when she was 2 weeks old (most will tell you to wait a month or more) and had absolutely no issue with it. The only warning I'd give you though is that pumping is not as good as BF so you need to be careful how often you do it in the early weeks/months or you can damage your supply. A good pump is critical (as are good pumping bras & pads for the inevitable leaks) - I used same one as Patty & loved it.

What was your breastfeeding experience? Mine was just amazing - I didn't go into it really wanting to do it so much as feeling I should do it....and the experience really turned me around and I can't imagine not doing it with next child. It was a really wonderful way to bond with her - despite some of the hurdles & frustrations you face periodically.

Tips for storing milk? Get tons of the BM storage freezer bags...I started off with medela ones (i think) and eventually someone turned me onto Lansinoh which freeze flatter/squarer which is important (they end up taking up a lot of space). Mark your bags w/date (I also did an AM/PM) and periodically organize your freezer so your oldest ones are to the front so you're using them up first (instead of your newer pumped milk).

Good luck! The BF & Pumping forums here on JM are awesome - tons & tons of very experienced ladies who can help you with questions as you encounter unfamiliar issues.
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