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April 10th, 2012, 06:55 PM
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Just lurking and saw this so thought I would chime in. I have very small boobs (AA before pregnancy, A during) and knew my mom had heavily supplemented us with formula, so I figured that breastfeeding would be a huge challenge. I did a ton of research, took the hospital class, etc. Watched videos (it looks weird at first what a good latch looks like, with so much boob in the mouth!)

In the end it was easy. Sounds crazy! It was. We did tons of skin-to-skin/naked/topless time, I basically never wore a bra, just cloth breast pads in stretchy tank tops. Co slept. She was with me and nursing, lying around the house basically all the time. My milk came in at five days and suddenly my boobs were like D cups. She had a really strong latch and suck and big appetite. I ate a lot and drank tons of water. I tried to relax and just let people help me and just hang out with baby. It was a time I was extremely grateful for my nudist lazy hippie tendencies lol. I never got an infection, we never got thrush, nothing went wrong and she just grew enormous.

I am a SAHM and only started pumping within the past few weeks, she is eating lots of solids now and working on walking, and sometimes not interested in the boob, so I have a cheap manual pump just to relieve engorgement at those times. She has never taken a bottle. I think we tried once when she was like 7 months old and she was totally uninterested. She drinks from a real cup though.

Anyway, I know you have questions I didn't answer, but I wanted to let you know it is not necessarily a big challenge even if you think it will be I highly recommend this book: The Food of Love: The Easier Way to Breastfeed Your Baby (9781593762179): Kate Evans: Books

Good luck!!!

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