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April 11th, 2012, 06:06 AM
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do your kids share a room?
do you have them clean it themselves or do you do it for them?
how old are your kids?

My girls share a room.....ages four and seven. I also have a six year old son and a one year old daughter and they have their own rooms. My children pick up their own rooms, but that was not something they could do at age four. They can now, because my older two lead the effort. Since they play in all the bedrooms they all have to help too...they start in their own room, and then when done go help siblings.

I have never made my kids keep their toys in their bedroom. What are they supposed to do all day? Sit in there alone and play? They want to be where I am of course, and that is usually downstairs in the living room. I mean do you keep all of YOUR things in one room only? The only rule I have as far as toys is they stay out of our bedroom. They have every other room to play in...they don't need to drag things into mommy and daddy's room.
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