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April 11th, 2012, 09:45 AM
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I am sooo envious of the ladies who were able to breastfeed with minimal difficulties. For me it was an absolute nightmare and I felt like the worst mother ever for the first few months of Akadia's life. She was an awful nurser and basically wanted to nurse 24x7 but was never satisfied. It took my milk almost a week to come in so that first week was miserable for both of us. Then I got mastitis several times and after much tears gave up at 3 months. I moved on to eclusively pumping which was definitely a commitment in itself, but I was able to build up a huge supply and feed her enough to satisfy her and freeze a lot too. I plan to try to breastfeed again this time around but I have to admit I dread it. I'm not going to feel as bad though for moving to bottles and pumping earlier if I need to.

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