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April 11th, 2012, 10:00 AM
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I am so sorry!!! My Ex-Dh's family still doesn't get it.. They try to give him hamburgers...and he is allergic to beef. They try to give him rice dishes...he is allergic to rice. They try to give him chicken noodle soup. "We can just pull out the noodles." He is allergic to chicken and carrots and due to his liberal bland diet he also can't have broth of any no. My side of the family finally just gets that they can't feed him. His side is slowly getting that I will just bring his food so they have quit trying...which is fine with me. And we have one house that is so not child friendly that we finally quit going there alltogether. It is a very pushy family member (Danny's great gramma on my ex-dh's side) and threatened to sue for partial custody if I didn't let her see Danny more. I doubt she would have a leg to stand on but she has enough money to make my life a living he** so I figured I would let my mom take him to church with her once per month (which occasionally gets forgotten about) but it seems to keep GGM happy enough... Ugh... He never goes on food days though because she is the absolute worst about food... She is the one that tries to give him "just a little" because "it can't possibly hurt him." "My kids ate everything growing up and they are just fine." >: ( Can you get any more ridiculous??? Sorry... I kinda hijacked here but basically...yah... I think we all deal with this... (((HUGS)))

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