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April 11th, 2012, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by silverlife View Post
What was your breastfeeding experience?

With my son I had to fight to breastfeed. He had tongue tie, which is when the skin on the bottom of the tongue extends too far. He couldn't get his tongue past his gums and so he was literally gnawing on me rather than suckling. Luckily the lactation consultant diagnosed it and we were able to see an ear-nose-throat doctor to get it fixed when he was 2-days old. It still took him several weeks to learn to use his tongue properly. During that time it was a big struggle for me. I had open sores from trying to nurse him and eventually had to pump and feed him that way so I could heal. If you ever have to rely exclusively on pumping anytime in the first month you'll want to rent a hospital grade pump. They're strong enough to establish a supply when most consumer pumps are not. Anyway, I pumped and finger fed him because I was terrified that giving him a bottle would make his latch worse. Eventually (I think around week 3) I gave up gave him a bottle. When it was time to switch back to the breast, he did a good job without any issues--but that's not always the case with babies that don't get to nurse a lot in the first month.
Did they ever suggested a nipple shield? With my son he also had tongue tie, the LC suggested a nipple shield and it work perfectly, no sore nipple, nothing.

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