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April 12th, 2012, 01:02 AM
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Anyone have any tips for breastfeeding? If you really want to succeed, commit to EBF-ing for at least 4 weeks. It takes AT LEAST that long for your body to regulate the supply that is demanded by baby, and it takes baby and you that long to really be in sync with each other. If you have a baby born premature, or with a weak latch, or you have supply issues, it may be really difficult in the beginning, and it may not work out long term. BUT... just remember that however long you BF, it is a GIFT! I highly recommend the silicone gel pads for the boobies the first few weeks, and lansinoh nipple cream. My biggest challenge early on was just with how sore my nipples got.
Tips for going from breast to pump? If you can still do some nursing sessions at the breast, that is best (maybe first thing in the morning, and nighttime). Also, I have read some research lately that suggests it is important to try to feed pumped milk that is from the same TIME OF DAY that baby will be eating, because your milk actually is formulated differently at different times of the day, with sleep inducing properties closer to bedtime, etc. Just thought that was interesting, because I had never considered that before. I did well with the Lansinoh double electric pump... I liked that you could change the suction strength AND speed... it helped me achieve let-down.
What was your breastfeeding experience?Josiah was breast-fed for 41 months! We had a wonderful breast-feeding experience.
Tips for storing milk?Lansinoh bags all the way. And I preferred to freeze it in 4oz batches (once beyond the newborn stage). Once he was taking some solids, I froze some of it in 2 oz batches so that I could thaw a small portion of milk to mix with his cereals and purees. Here is a good article on storage guidelines:
Storage and Handling of Breastmilk
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