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August 21st, 2006, 09:29 AM
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Please do not bump your post. This includes creative bumping. Just post your request and please do not post your replies to it unless you are answering a question from a siggy maker. Please post any thank yous in the pick up folder to the siggy maker there.

(Stole some of the wording on this from the blinky board sticky, but it was worded so well why change it.)

Most of the siggy makers here work from the bottom of the board up. And most of us open posts with "0" replies first. So, if you're bumping your requests, you are adding replies to it while moving it to the top of the board. You'll get your siggy request noticed sooner if you leave it alone and wait.

Please keep these in mind when you think you've been forgotten or buried in the board...

1) Siggy makers start at the bottom of the board and work their way up (we check the 2nd page too once in awhile just in case). If you have requests waiting below your's, it may be a bit longer wait.

2) Siggy makers are creative creatures. It may be that you have specific details you want that no one is able to do (yet. we're still learning!). Or you have too many details of what you want. Which is just fine, but this will slow down the amount of time it takes for you to get your siggy.

3) There may be days when there are few, if any, siggy makers online. And if they are, they may not be feeling creative that day.

4) If it has been 5+ days and a siggymaker has not responded to your request and the other requests made before it all have been responded to, you may pm *Sharon* regarding your request.

Although we try to fill all the requests, please be understanding that our siggy makers do this on a volunteer basis, have families, jobs, and other responsibilities.
Any bumping posts will be removed.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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