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April 12th, 2012, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by kbpeanut View Post
Hmmm, you never know! You may have O'ed, but FF isn't confirming until it has 3 days of high temps! How is your CM? If you still got it, you prob haven't O'ed yet, and you're body is trying to...if you still have the fertile CM, keep at it!

(Trust me, I know all about the doing one thing instead of school work.)

I hope so! My friend told me that she gets nauseated when she O's - which I was ALL day yesterday. So, maybe? I guess we'll see, right? In any case, we're going to BD today and prob. tomorrow too and just keep checking that CM and temping and all that. Have faith, patience, all that jazz. I still have CM, so that's a positive. And lots of "sensation" as it were.

DH isn't minding the BDing part of this at all

And yes - lots of things are more interesting than school at the moment...
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