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April 13th, 2012, 09:00 AM
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Anyone have any tips for breastfeeding?
Like others have said, if you commit, you can do it. There are all kinds of problems that can occur but there is usually a way to surpass them. Definitely get the help of a lactation consultant but also get your hubby to commit, too. My husband didn't let me give up when I was about to with my first son. In the hospital, I was away from my baby for 2 days and he had to have formula while in I was ICU but the lactation consultants were persistent. They brought me bottles and my pump and checked in with me EVERY day to make sure that things were going well. If it weren't for both of them, there were times when I would have given up.

Tips for going from breast to pump? Like everyone said, nurse then pump.

What was your breastfeeding experience? For my first son, it was painful and I had some PPD but when I grew more confident that he was eating well, it was a beautiful and fulfilling thing. From day one with my new little guy, it has been relaxing and even more fulfilling because can't afford formula. For example, this morning, he ate a little and then popped off and gave me a smile and then popped back on. Cute as a can be! And the boob is miraculous for putting him to sleep, too!

Tips for storing milk?
I did it in the mornings about an hour after he ate because the supply is more in the morning and he would go 2-3 hours at first. You will have milk within an hour of nursing or pumping so if you space it so that you pump at least an hour before the baby eats, you can increase your supply, feed the baby, and store some. I also added a pumping session in the middle of the night.
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