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April 13th, 2012, 01:46 PM
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Ok, I'm back...*ominous music plays*

I quit writing for a bit since it seemed that all I was doing was whining. But now that I have an appointment next week at the Fertility Clinic, it seems fitting that I start writing again!! This time, I will try to keep it more positive and happier.. so it's more fun for anyone else to read...LOL.

So what's happening now...
Cycle, TMI stuff. On day 59 or 60 of Cycle #9. Getting some spotting with old blood. Nothing more than that.. I thought I was heading towards CD1 but doesn't seem to be the case, not sure what to call this.

I also have our first appointment at the fertility clinic booked for April 18 @ 7pm!! They gave me the requisition for DH's test, but the first appointment he could get was for April 25th. So that won't be in time, which sucks since we won't have a for sure on what route to go. I really wanted to minimize the waiting once we got in, but DH procrastinated on getting the test done with his own dr. GRR. Men.

Life wise...
I had a pretty bad hand wound thanks to some stuff at my dog training class. So my dog training is pretty much on hold since i can't make a fist yet or grip anything tight. It's getting better every day, but will probably have to go through physio once it's all healed...still swollen like crazy.

Appa celebrated his 2nd birthday (my dog), though I totally missed it and so we did it a day off..not that we do much, but he got a new toy and a special treat of canned food (we do the "turkey dinner" which includes turkey, carrots, sweet potato, etc...he LOVES it). It smells awesome and looks good when you take it out..kinda creepy.

Other than that.. all is well
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