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April 13th, 2012, 04:42 PM
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I bought a new test today, (made sure to get pink dye after reading about the blue dye on here) after talking to a friend of mine she suggested I wait until next Wednesday to use them. What concerns us both is how exhausted I am. I'm getting the same amount of sleep as before, but I do not feel rested for more than an hour after I wake up. Today I noticed some very prominent veins on my breasts going to my nipples that I don't remember seeing before. They don't 'hurt like hell' but they have been tingly/throbbing, not painful just annoying. At first I thought it was because I was drinking too much coffee trying to stay awake, but today I only had one cup of coffee and they are more annoying today then they were yesterday.

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I say go get a new test if the one you took was expired its not going to work rite.My niece has the IUD in and she got pregnant and didnt know it cause she thought she was having a period due to spotting.I dont know whats going on with her at this point cause i havnt spoke to her in about a month cause she lives out of town.But it is possible for you to get preggo.I would go get a new test and test,good luck and kup on the results of your test.
Do you know what kind of IUD she had/has? I have the copper kind with no hormones. It's been in for 3-4 years with no issues.. Thank you for your info and advice!
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