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April 14th, 2012, 11:06 AM
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Hi, i wanted to comment on how dangerous i think miralax is, and what it did to me!! I am 47 years old and began taking miralax about 3 years ago and was told it was perfectly safe!! Not so, as far as i am concerned! I began to notice strange symptoms over time until i actually ended up in the emergency room thinking i was dying!! I began to notice constant urination through the day and i would drink 4 bottles of water in the night!! I first thought i had diabetes because i was so thirsty in the night! I also noticed my body limbs jerking and twitching and weight gain too. My symptoms got so severe withen 3 days before ending up in the E.R. On that horrible day, i was extreamy thirsty and urinated about 20 times i had a low grade fever and looked very sick!!! I also felt pain in which felt like my kidneys! The only thing that showed up was Hyponatremia and hypokalemia, which is low potassium and slightly low electrolytes!! He mentioned that i was constipated which i thought was strange since i had been taking the miralax onece per day! I even had an i.v. in my arm and was begging for water!! I almost vomited quite a few times but did not thank God!! I believe with all my heart that miralax was poisoning my body and i will have to say that my symptoms have greatly improved since stopping the miralax almost 2 weeks ago!!! I think this is another drug that long term use is going to cause many problems and people are seeing problems with miralax! I have lost about 5 lbs already and the neurological twitching and jerking of my arms legs and neck etc. are getting much better and are almost gone! the thirst has gone and the constant urination as well!! I dont have the pain in my kidneys either like i did and that whole experiance was terrifying!! The only thing the Drs. or practitioners will say is , well, stop taking the miralax! the E.R. practitioner said it was the miralax because nothing else showed up! It makes me so angry that the Drs. are not taking these symptoms serious but at some point you watch they will! I am not trying to scare anyone but i am letting people know what happen to me, and i never would want this to happen to a baby or a child or anyone ever!! I simply think that the FDA approves many drugs etc. that should never be approved because not enough research is done and all they are about is $$$$$$ !!! I am going to do more research on miralax and they are going to hear from me!! I will take natural remedies from the health food stores like CALM!! It is natural and a great product! Peace love and be well!!!
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