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April 14th, 2012, 05:47 PM
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I have Jonah's permission to have Robert in my signature and have it worded just the way it is. I do not ask Robert's bio mom's permission to use his pic's but Jonah knows I have them up, and in many cases either helped me post them, or posted them on my page or tagged me in them. Jonah also has many pics of Sean and Dani up as well and usually tags Dani's dad too. Sean's dad can take a long leap off a short pier. His vote doesn't count. He has never been in Sean's life. Many of the boy's pics (and a few of Dani too) are also on our districts Boy Scout page as well, so our kids are well known.

As far as the "step" reference, we refer to the kids as "our kids", not mine and his, and we tell them the only steps in our family are the ones going in and out of the house. I would NEVER refer to Robert as only my step-son. He is Autistic and Bi-polar and if he thought I thought any less of him than Sean and Dani, several years of hard work would be undone. I love my "Sweet Boy" to death and we have worked hard to get him to where he is today from the suicidal child he was right after Jonah and I got together.

None of my kids are 100% siblings but that does not make them any less related. Sean is my "Bebop" A nickname from my dad, or "Bubba" as Dani and Robert call him, Robert is my "Sweet Boy" which is my nickname for him and Dani is my "Doodle Bug" because she is so tiny.

Thank you JMC1988 for my siggy!

TTC #3, Our first together

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