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April 16th, 2012, 10:58 AM
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i saw this thread on the jan 2010 PR and thought it was interesting. what do you all think:

At what point did you/would you feel like it isn't OK for your kids to see you or DH/SO naked? Always OK? Never? OK up to a certain age? Different for different genders? Does DH/SO feel the same way you do about it?

i wondered, with such large families, how this issue is handled? even though i grew up in household of 8 people, i just always remember being modest. yes my sisters and i walked around between bedroom and bathroom in our undies as we would get ready for school etc. but that was it. anyway this was my response to the question on their board:

just this year when wyatt was 5 did i start asking him to leave when i dressed or showered. i have tried to teach him that a closed door means to knock first -- sometimes he gets it and sometimes not. he still wants to shower with joel (and with joel coming from a nudist background he doesn't care) so i don't make a scene about it. but if he walks in on me, i cover myself or turn my back but don't say much because i don't want it to be a big deal. i know that at their house now, my daughter and DIL are really trying to establish the privacy rules with all the kids.
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