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April 16th, 2012, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by GirlzRock View Post
If I may chime in here... you really have to research between three food lists, Alkalizing Diet, Potassium and diet that increases testosterone. The goals are to increase pH, increase potassium and sodium, increase testosterone and eliminate most calcium/magnesium.

I don't want to lead any of you to another forum (I love JM!) but there is a diet guide on another site that I've found to be invaluable!! They've had people research and cross-check all three diets to find which foods are acceptable from all three diets.

Marlz - If you want to PM me, I'll share the site with you if you don't already know. I'm sure the ladies over there would be happy to let you use it if you feel it's appropriate

Hi GirlzRock - can you please PM me this website too !! (sorry i don't know how to PM - ridiculous in know !
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