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April 17th, 2012, 08:28 AM
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CD 63, Cycle 9
Dunno why i'm even bothering following this cycle still.. LOL. Still spotting and it's annoying.. last night it looked like AF was finally going to show NORMALLY, but no, it was a total tease... Blah.

Tomorrow night is the appointment at the fertility clinic.. totally still excited. I feel like I should have all these questions to ask, but with all the knowledge shared here I don't think I have any...feels weird. Some of that is due to also not knowing what our route is going to be yet... DH's SA isn't until next week.

Life wise.. I have finish filling out the paperwork for my performance review at work.. i HATE those things..especially when 3/5 is like.. "fantastic".. and when you look at a review filled with 1s and 2s it's pretty defeating. Oh, and the only goal I can think of for 5 years is TTC based.. LMAO, so so bad.

Had a crazy busy weekend this weekend, yet I still managed to feel refreshed with only one evening where I had some free time.

And now.. I get to go immerse myself in politics since the provincial election is next Monday night..wheee
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