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April 17th, 2012, 03:27 PM
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THanks, Megan! It'll be interesting to see how the name thing pans out, too... We are both very stubborn and I'm more emotionally vested than he is, so who knows.

Today was week 36/37 appointment. Went fast. Baby (well fundal height) is measuring right on track. Gained 3 # in a week Sucks. She is not concerned, though. I better not do that this week! I just can't control it while pregnant, no matter what I do. It better all come off as fast as it came on, at least!

Found out she DOES want me to come in these last 3 visits to her office down town to also include NST/BPP's, but because of AMA and not the GD. SOOOO... now we have to change our appointments to connect with that. She said I can bring the kids because they have toys and whatnot, but I think DH would be more than happy to take a 1/2 day off if I get afternoon appointments. We'll see what they have available.

My back is starting to really ache. I guess I'm FINALLY feeling the strains of pregnancy. My hips ache at night, so finding a comfy position to sleep is freaking impossible, but the back ache is killing me. I may go see my chiro soon, or just live with it and take lots of baths

My MOPS group gave me some super sweet things for baby. I told them no baby shower, but they gave me a BEAUTIFUL diaper cake that one made, plus some bath bombs, lotion, baby outfit, frame... so nice! I was so thrilled! I may post in the main forum with pics.
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