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April 17th, 2012, 07:07 PM
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Just tell your DH that YES, you will worry like this when the baby is here, LOL!!!! The worrying over your children is endless, but guess what, tell your DH that when baby's here, he'll get to share in your worrying, too. It's easy for men to not understand why we "worry so much" while pregnant. They just truly don't get it. I worried quite a bit with DS1, too, and I think it's common, even after you've had more than one. I still worry sometimes with this one and it's my 4th baby!!! It has eased up some, but I still think about being pregnant all the time, too. It's so much more "real" to us from the beginning, and it usually doesn't become as "real" for the guys until baby's actually here, if that makes any sense. My Dh is so excited about this baby and has been about all of ours, but he'll tell you that it's hard for him to feel truly bonded until they're here, but that as soon as he sees them, the bonding happens instantly.

Sorry you're frustrated with DH and that he just doesn't understand. (((hugs)))
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