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April 17th, 2012, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by jackiehavin2nd View Post
So how has it been going since the news broke at work??
Everything's about the same. One woman came by to chat about babies and ask me if we knew what we were having yet. She was excited for me. But otherwise, nothing has changed. I'm in the corporate world, so there was never any heavy lifting. The worst thing is that they aren't planning to bring someone in to cover for my mat leave, so all my colleagues are going to have to pick up the workload. I may be out as much as 6 months. It's going to really suck for them, and I feel bad.

Originally Posted by jackiehavin2nd View Post
My midwife just put me on lifting restrictions and now I'm having to deal with the eye rolls when other ppl have to do it for me. Annoying but not too bad.
I'd say roll your eyes right back at those eye-rollers. Sheesh! Of course you can't do anything that might get you injured while you're pregnant.
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