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April 18th, 2012, 01:08 AM
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I am sure most of you read my water breaking thread so I will leave out whatever I wrote there sorry if I repeat myself or it gets all jumbled together and long at the end.

So pretty much after I got back from being checked that afternoon at the hospital I was having *some* uncomfortable contractions but nothing regular. Me, my sister, and the girls went to the park to try and induce labour by walking even though at that point I wasn't sure a VBAC was what I wanted, but waiting til wednesday after finding out I was at 5 cm seemed too far away

Long story short I started having some more fee-lable contractions after bringing the kids home for dinner/bed. Still nothing substantial. The second both girls were in bed and I tucked them in and kissed them I had THREE contractions 3 minutes apart, then they were right on top of each other and I couldn't even breathe through them ... they were INTENSE. Pretty much called my mom downstairs and said we need to go NOW!!!!

by the time I walked down to the van and buckled in they were so bad I was crossing my legs and crying. By the time we were driving 5 mins my water started breaking, every time I contracted more gushed out. Mom pretty much sped the entire way to the hospital while I yelled at her every so often to hurry up because "I was dying" ( )

We arrived at the hospital at just after 9:16 because I texted my sister asking her to bring me a wheelchair. As my sister and mom lifted me out of the van and into the chair my water just kept gushing needless to say my pants were soaked from front to back.

They wheeled me in I buzzed L&D and told them my water was broken, seemed like I sat there waiting forever. They wheeled me into a delivery room and the on call nurse and my mom had to PRY my soaked pants off me while lifting me out of my chair I had a horrible contraction the second I got in the room.They lifted me onto the bed and she checked me, told me I was at 10 cm that baby's head was right there (and that she had lots of hair ) after that it was utter chaos, so many more dr's/nurses showed up they put my feet in the stirrups and it was time to push. So I pushed and pushed and pushed (and much to my surprise no matter how much pressure or pain I felt I didn't scream like you always expect to because of course that's what they show you in the movies ) They kept telling me what a good job I was doing and that they could see the top of her head and all her hair, and to keep pushing cause she was coming. Now they DID have to flip her over because she was indeed "sunny side up" and honest to GOD that hurt more than actually delivering her I thought I would die for sure. When I had pushed and her entire head was almost out her heart rate started dropping so they unfortunately had to use the vacuum (which caused me to tear and get a bajillion stitches )but I pushed a few more good hard pushes and her shoulders were out, before i knew it they were grabbing my hands and telling me to reach down I couldn't believe it!! They wanted me to pull her out and I DID the feeling of pushing her out and than pulling the remainder ( probably from about her belly button down) out myself was the most exilerating thing I have EVER felt. I pulled her out myself and lifted her onto my chest (she was born at 9:39 pm so after about only 15-20 minutes of pushing), the second she was out of my body the feeling was AMAZING, I started crying uncontrollably and shaking. I just couldn't believe what my body did, especially after having a failed vaginal delivery and planned c-section with my second. And all without the epidural I honestly never thought I would get an experience like this. I didn't have my OB deliver, but everyone who was with me was amazing... a far cry from my first delivery experience they just kept telling me what a great job I did and that they were proud of me (people I had never met before in my life!!) Isabella never left my chest except for when they had to take her because she was born with a fever due to the rapidly dropping heart rate.The second they knew she was ok she was back in my arms.

I got to be wheeled out to maternity in a chair HOLDING my baby instead of wheeled up in a hospital bed with no feeling from the waist down. In all honesty I would have NEVER wished or tried for a VBAC but mother nature had other plans and I would never change it for the world now, recovery has been a cinch minus the stitches and the nasty hemmoroids that showed up today And Isabella is such a good baby and her sisters are in love with her I am so overjoyed at my whole experience.

so that's my birth story, sorry if it repeats or is all run together and has horrible spelling and grammar I have never written out a birth story before and I am exausted right now

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