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April 18th, 2012, 03:13 PM
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Hi, I'm new around here To make my story short, I have one DS who was born in a hospital. I planned to try to go unmedicated with him but was confined to the bed the entire time due to hospital staff freaking me out about baby's HR (later only to find out it was no big deal at all!) I ended up getting an epidural because being stuck on the bed was horrible and not at all what i had wanted from my birthing experience. Thankfully he was born vaginally but only after i was put through a lot of stress. This time I will be delivering in a birthing center and am very excited about it!!

As for my question.. We can't afford both classes and a doula so i have to pick one or the other. We were originally going to take hynobirthing or Bradley classes (hadn't decided which) and have DH be my one and only support person during labor. He can learn things from the classes i'm sure but lately i've been thinking maybe i should pay just a little more and get a doula instead? That way I'll have someone there who is really educated on everything and can help out without thinking twice about what position, breathing technique, etc. would work best. I know DH will be a great support and i want him to be my main support regardless of my decision, which leads me to my second question.. could having a doula take away from DH being that #1 support?

So the place we are at now is having to decide whether to hire a doula or take the necessary classes and do it on our own. Opinions?

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