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April 18th, 2012, 07:12 PM
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Is your LO a picky eater? She is a HUGE eater... I love it, she is so fun to feed
Is your LO a rightie or a leftie? DH is convinced she is a leftie like him, but she doesn't seem to favor a hand yet to me
Is your LO clingy? Occasionally, but for a 10 month old she is very adventurous
Is your LO interested in learning to read? Not super interested in her board books yet... she prefers to be on the move
Is your LO interested in potty training? We are part time ECing (since 5.5 months) and potty her at diaper changes. We often get a big pee after a nap and poop in the morning, and random other catches during the day. Sometimes she is just not wanting to be on the potty, so we don't push it.
Is your LO shy? Not really, she has less stranger anxiety than most kids I have seen
Is your LO scared of anything? She got scared by a jack in the box once and it was the most scared I have ever seen her - sort of funny since it was such an innocuous thing - I wish she'd be scared of the stairs or the kitchen cabinets instead haha
Is your LO still taking naps? When I'm lucky. She definitely needs them still!!!

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