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April 19th, 2012, 09:20 AM
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Is your LO a picky eater? Not by toddler standards, i think Savannah's relatively good - she's willing to try a lot of things, although little can replace her favorite items like mac & cheese

Is your LO a rightie or a leftie? All signs now are pointing to her being a leftie!

Is your LO clingy? Nope, not unless she's scared or hurts herself...although she does love a good cuddle with mama

Is your LO interested in learning to read? she already thinks she can! it's the funniest thing to watch her read to herself (or us, she makes us sit in a circle like they do at her preschool) and she's memorized enough that she can either say it verbatim or summarizes the concept of what is happening on the's really adorable

Is your LO interested in potty training? Not as much as I'd like her to be...but this week she's started being interested again & sitting on the potty, so we'll see....

Is your LO shy? No, although sometimes she's cautious around new adults (and holds our hand) but generally, and especially other kids, she'll run right up & starting talking or playing with them. She loves making new friends at the park

Is your LO scared of anything? Doesn't love hairdryers (although we're working on that) and if there's a really loud noise she'll startle & run to us but doesn't stay scared for more than a minute...she's really quite fearless (too much so) as to everything else.

Is your LO still taking naps? Weekdays yes, but we're seeing her trying to skip naps on weekends which is messing up her sleep schedule big time and i suspect we're not far from her dropping naps generally

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